5 Reasons Why Balance Bikes Make Perfect Christmas Gifts

Christmas is the best time to offer love and affection to those you hold dear in your heart. But let’s face the facts here. Kids expect to see some wrapped gifts under the Christmas tree too. Why don’t you get him/her a balance bike this year? Your toddler will simply love it, and let us assure you that you will love it too. With balance bikes, kids learn how to ride, keep their balance, enhance their coordination skills and take the big step into riding a regular pedal bike. Balance bikes are made for these reasons and that’s why they have become extremely popular among kids and parents too. They have no pedals or chain, are easy to carry and apart from helping kids to learn, they also keep them occupied. Find out here why you should buy a balance bike for your kid next Christmas.

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1. Till Kids Will Practice, It will Be Spring Time


Most likely, when you think of balance bikes, your mind goes out the door. And so you are probably wondering how balance bikes can make the greatest Christmas gift since kids won’t be able to play outside. Well, first time balance bike riders are best to try out their new bike indoors. By the time they will get the hang of it, it will be spring time and the perfect timing for them to take their balance bike outside.

2. They Hardly Need Space

Although you will need to make some furniture rearrangements, especially if your house is rather small or crowded, your child won’t need an arena. As balance bike novices, kids give it some time before they actually ride the bike and can cruise across the home hallways. Since balance bikes don’t have pedals and kids actually use their feet, they will only need a small space in the dining room or their room before they move out in the garden or the park.

3. They Encourage Kids to Play Outdoors

Balance bikes can be used indoors, but they are mainly designed for outdoors. So they will give kids a good reason to go out and play. Once they get the hang of it, their confidence is built up and they are encouraged to take it outside. This is a great experience for them and also gives them the chance to stay away from the television. It will give the child the opportunity to stay active, energetic and occupied when you decide to spend the day out as a family.


4. Balance Bikes are Simple

Balance bikes belong to the “plug-and-play” sort of category with the only difference that they are not plugged in. The kid will simply unwrap and ride it. You don’t have to bother with chains or reading instructions. You won’t have to keep your mind on them either because balance bikes are very simple. And so it will be easy to explain how they work to toddlers too.

5. They are the Perfect Toy

Balance bikes are excellent toys because they keep kids busy whilst teaching them how to take control over the bike and coordinate both eyes and feet. They are not passive toys, which are only played at home, and get kids off the sofa or the floor and take them outside. They make them part of the community where they can meet with other kids of their age and give them some autonomy, which is rare at that age.

So here you go – you have 5 very good reasons for buying a balance bike as a Christmas gift for your toddler this year. Since buying a balance bike requires some research, start looking today. If you want to know how to choose the right balance bike for your child, check out our review page. Get ready today to buy a gift that will bring joy to your toddler and will also teach him/her a lot of new and useful things. Balance bikes do that!

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