Why Do Babies Fart A Lot? 7 Reasons You Need To Know

Many new mothers out there get paranoid when they observe their babies fart a lot. Does farting a lot in babies spell health danger? What are the reasons why babies often fart? Why are there babies who fart more often than others? Is there any solution to babies farting a lot?

These are what we often ask when we observe our babies fart a lot.

And these questions will be answered as we go along.

Why Do Babies Get Gas?

Everything is new for newborn babies. That’s why when they feed their first breastmilk or formula, their stomach reacts even to the smallest changes and thus produces gas in their stomach. Gas in our stomach is what makes us fart.

But according to Dr. Cheryl Wu of LaGuardia Place Pediatrics in New York, as cited in thebump.com, even “doctors aren’t 100 percent sure why babies are so prone to gas.” She adds on the same website that “it might have to do with their immature gastrointestinal (GI) tracts.”

However, our thorough research reveals there are several causes why babies acquire gas and thus make them fart a lot.

1. Natural Phenomenon


In an article entitled “5 Common Baby Tummy Troubles - And How To Help,” it says that “gas is totally natural. It gets produced by the good bacteria that live in baby’s gut.” These good bacteria are the ones that help in our baby’s digestion.

Parentinghealthybabies.com states that farts are just part of the human being’s digestive process.

2. Wrong Latching in Breastfeeding Moms


It is natural for babies to swallow air bubbles, especially when they are being fed.

When breastfeeding, babies tend to swallow more air especially when their mouth are wrongly latched onto the breasts of their mothers. Susannah Birch, birth doula and author of Trimester Talk adds in quora.com that babies “tend to latch incorrectly as they learn how to feed properly.” This results in babies swallowing a large amount of air.

3. Feeding Bottles


In an article “How to Keep Gas Out of Babies Stomach” in livestrong.com, it mentioned that babies should be given a “feeding bottle with a special anti-gas airflow design because this kind of feeding bottles is designed to limit the amount of air that the baby can swallow, which should reduce gas”.

Aside from this, I actually observe in all my babies that they became gassy if I didn’t position the feeding bottle correctly.

According to the same article, you can position the feeding bottle that would “prevent the milk from flowing too quickly from the nipple so your baby won't have to suck the milk at a faster rate.” In this way, it will prevent your baby to become gassy.

4. Mother’s Diet


I personally observe this one with my third baby. Since I breastfed my third baby, I always watched what I eat because I observe when I eat gas-producing food, such as legumes and sweet potatoes, my baby became gassy too and farted a lot.

5. Fruit Juices


Fruit juices are also one of the responsible in making your babies fart a lot. This is because fruit juices contain acids that when interacting with our body’s other gasses, e.g. nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, would make anyone of us gassy.

I remember one of my kids when he was still a baby. I’d given him a citrus juice and at night time I had a hard time getting him to sleep, and he was farting a lot!

6. Digestion Issues


Digestion issues in babies come when they are introduced to semi-solid and solid foods. According to parentinghealthybabies.com, “your baby’s digestive tract is immature and is growing still.” When you feed the baby solid or semi-solid food, the baby’s digestive tract reacts with the new job it is being introduced to, “thus the gas is produced.”

7. When Baby Cries a lot


Our babies can intake large amounts of air, especially when they are crying a lot. However, many mothers take babies who cry a lot as the result of a gassy stomach. Well, according to kellymom.com, “babies swallow air when they are crying, so crying is more likely to be the cause of gas, rather than the result of gas.”

Final Thought

There you go. The reasons why your baby farts a lot can vary. But remember that it’s important to know the factors that make your baby gassy so that next time you can avoid these factors before it gets complicated for your baby. As the cliché goes, prevention is better than cure.

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