Steps Teaching A Kid To Ride A Balance Bike

Nowadays, parents often allow their kid to make accustomed to a balance bike before riding a pedal bike. Why? It can be said that because a balance bike is designed especially without any pedals. So that kids can promote the balance before using a normal bike with bigger size and more components. However, it is not easy for a kid to ride a balance bike.

So, what parents should do to help their kids in this case.

Adjust the saddle height suitable with the kid’s height

In this type of bike, kids cannot use any pedals. All tips kid can use to make the bike travel is using their feet. So parents should put the saddle lower than a normal bicycle. Then, even when kids sit down on the saddle, they can put both feet over the ground. This will make them more confident on controlling the bike because of the steady balance.

Balance bike

In addition, parents should also adjust the saddle position fitting with the height of the handlebar. If the saddle is put on the lowest setting, the lowest setting of the handlebar should be also done. In case of the middle of the adjustment range, the saddle and handlebar should be both controlled as the same.

A note for parents is that at this stage of age, children can grow quickly. Therefore, remember to care for this growth to make the adjustment periodically. May be in few beginning months

Tell kids some basic introduction about using a balance bike

A balance bike is designed specially without any pedals, so it is very important for parents to tell their kids about the role of brake system (4) as well as the essential of the way to make balance with this bike. The great idea to start with a balance bike is allowing the kid to learn how to use the brake. Parents should follow their kids along with the bike and teach then view how they put the brakes on. The target in this stage is making kids understand how to slow down and stop the balance bike with the brake system.


The next target is helping kids to find the way to make balance. Kids will have to use their feet to keep the center of gravity. It will not be the pedals as a normal bike, so teach them how to drag their feet over the ground skillful. With a balance bike, this may so easy because it is quite low and slight.

Always accompany and support kids in beginning time with the bike

To start with this bike, kids may feel worried or scared at the first trying to do the new thing and maybe just take some short moving on the bike. Do not worry, this is completely normal manifestation. Encourage them to try more and a suggestion is that parents should take kids to somewhere having other kids with the balance bike. With the praise of parents as well as the atmosphere of new space with other kids on the balance bike will create more confident for kids.

What location is the best for parents in this practicing? The answer is that parents should only walk at behind or stand next to the kids with the hand keeping kid’s arm or sleeve. This will create a safe feeling for kids, at the same time it will help kids to find out the basic concept of getting the balance for the bike in just a few minutes. Remember not to touch the handlebar and talk incessantly about what to do and how to do. The kids have to learn to do all things by themselves. And then, maybe the support of parents will be no longer necessary.

After the practicing time with the balance bike until kids become more confident, let’s allow them to ride this bike on a long ground and control it to everywhere they want. Over time, kids may have trend to take long slips and keep both feet above the ground instead of dragging on the ground as the beginning time. This will be a good new for user of a balance bike. So parents should give kids more support to keep kids lifting up their feet for longer. At this stage of riding a balance bike, the kid will find out the right way to control the balance naturally.

Parents should always remember that learning to control a balance bike is quite different for different child. Some has to take a bit longer time than others to get the confidence with this bike. So it is very essential for parents to be patient and supportive to make sure their child become confident with a balance bike

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