How Did You Feel Before Labor? (Beware! Men, You Can’t Relate It)

When you were about to deliver your baby, how did you feel before labor?

Well, the answer could vary in tens and thousands of ways because not all mothers feel the same before their labor started. Each mom has her own experience, and each pregnancy has its own story to tell.

Mothers and moms-to-be oftentimes narrate and compare their pregnancy to one another. And oftentimes too, they talk about how they feel before the show started.

Well, here are the best answers I’ve rounded up from friends and across the internet. Some are funny yet some are cringe-worthy. Beware, men, even male doctors, just can’t comprehend how we feel during our labor.

#1. Nesting

I feel the urge to clean my whole house. I had a sudden burst of energy and was awake all night.

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Most women feel this thing called nesting before they’ve gone into full and real labor. According to some women I interviewed and on the internet, nesting is the process by which women who are weeks or few days more before delivering their babies have this amazing energy to completely “dress up” the house before the baby comes.

Some would even go to the extent of repainting the house and buying new curtains and carpets. They want all in the house to be new and sleek.

Psychologist Doctor Marla Anderson
McMaster University in Canada (

Nesting is not a frivolous activity. We have found it peaks in the third trimester as the birth draws near and is an important task that probably serves the same purpose in women as it does in other animals.

It ties us to our ancestral past. Providing a safe environment helps to promote bonding and attachment between both the mother and infant.

But pregnant women who are experiencing this sign of pre-labor does not mean they is abnormality in their pregnancy. Pre-labor symptoms vary.

#2. Experience Braxton Hicks Symptoms


Braxton Hicks (BH) are contractions which mimic the contractions of true labor. However, these contractions last only for approximately 30 to 60 seconds, but sometimes as long as two minutes. Thus BH is also called “practice contractions” because it is a preparation for the real event.

For those who are going to be moms someday, symptoms of BH contractions according to include:

  • Irregular in intensity
  • Infrequent
  • Unpredictable
  • Non-rhythmic
  • Not necessarily painful yet it’s very uncomfortable (although some women experience painful BH)
  • They do not increase in frequency
  • They taper off and then disappear altogether

BH contractions usually can be felt 1 or 2 weeks before real labor.

According to midwives and OB Gynecologists, BH plays a part in toning the muscles in the uterus improving the flow of blood to the placenta which is essential for your fetus’ growth and development.

#3. Felt Sick and Throwing Up or Nauseous (Pre-Labor Body Cleansing)


Just like the first two pre-labor experiences mentioned above, this one are only experienced by some “unlucky moms-to-be”. Some don’t experience pre-labor body cleansing at all.

According to some experts this pre-labor experience is natural because your body is trying to cleanse itself for the baby.

In one of the articles on, says David J. Birnbach, M.D., spokesman for the American Society of Anesthesiologists and vice chair of the department of anesthesiology at the University of Miami: 

Throwing up can occur either because of the pain you're experiencing or as a result of food sitting in your stomach (digestion usually stops during labor). To keep vomiting to a minimum, eat only light foods during the earliest stages of labor, and stop eating completely - and drink only clear liquids - once you're in active labor.

David J. Birnbach 
American Society of Anesthesiologists

#4. Persistent Lower Back & Abdominal Pain, With a Pre-Menstrual Feeling & Cramps


According to Kay Johnson, a certified nurse-midwife in Atlanta, this feeling during the pre-labor is only experienced by 35% of pregnant women. “You'll feel those contractions as a tight band that starts in your back and radiates across the front of your belly. Because, normally, a baby descends the birth canal with its face pressed against the mom's spine, but in some cases the baby descends with its skull hitting the mom's spine.".

That’s why constant pain that may radiate to the abdomen but is mostly concentrated in the back is experienced by selected pregnant women in the world.

That’s why whether you experience real back labor or not, excruciating back pain is a sure sign that you are about to deliver your baby.

#5. Insomnia During Pre-Labor


Many women in tribal group tend to associate the feeling of insomnia during pre-labor period to nesting. Most pregnant women experience insomnia because they feel the urge to clean the house, etc. And usually they can’t sleep until and unless they finish cleaning all they think they need to clean.

But some experts advise the use of maternity pillows or pregnancy pillows, which are available on to encourage the feeling of sleepiness or entice your body to sleep.

#6. Feeling of Lack of Energy (Hypoenergy)


Contrary to what other moms-to-be felt, some pregnant women tend to feel very lazy during their pre-labor period. According to some experts, its because during pre-labor, about 32-24 weeks of pregnancy, your baby "drops" by settling down in the pelvis. Now, since the baby doesn't crowd your ribs anymore you can breathe more easily and thus, you may also feel less fatigued.

However, you might find it harder to walk when the baby drops, since you now have increased pressure on your bladder and pelvis. This somehow explains why some pregnant women feel a little lazier than any other times in their life.


Have you experienced this pre-labor symptoms before during your pregnancy? Getting acquainted with pre-labor feelings is important so that you will know that you’re not alone in feeling that way and that what you feeling is normal to pregnant women who are about to experience true labor.Did you find this article interesting and informative? Why not share this to your moms-to-be friends?

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