6 Effective Ways To Get Vaseline Out Of Your Baby’s Hair

Have you ever tried experimenting your baby’s hair with Vaseline? And you end up worrying how to get Vaseline out of his hair?

In this article, we will try to help you find the ways that are easy yet effective in removing Vaseline out of your angel’s hair. Most of the ingredients or tools you need in getting this petroleum jelly out of your little bundle’s hair may be readily available in your home or in your kitchen.

So sit back and read the following tips in knowing how to effectively remove Vaseline out of your baby’s hair.

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Before trying any of these ways make sure your baby is not allergic to any of the materials included in the procedure.

Step #1 - Use Of Facial Tissue

This is the first step in the five ways how to clear your baby’s hair off of Vaseline.

Actually, the purpose of blotting the hair with facial tissue is to remove the excess petroleum jelly from your baby’s hair so that it’s easier to take away the remaining grease in the other additional ways.

Facial tissue is better to use than a cloth because it is more absorbent of the excess grease.

Method #1 - Cornstarch Or Baby Powder Or Baking Powder Method


Step #2

Pour some cornstarch or baby powder or baking powder (depending on the availability of the material) on your baby’s hair after it has been blotted with facial tissue.

According to wikihow.com, these materials are highly absorbent and bind well with petroleum jellies.

Let the cornstarch rest for a while to make sure the oil-based gel is thoroughly absorbed. The more gel the cornstarch is absorbed the less likely you’ll repeat all the steps.

Step #3

Rinse your baby’s hair with warm water so that it will liquefy the gel before applying a shampoo. Make sure the water is not too hot that could hurt your baby though.

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Take note to apply only a pure or clarifying shampoo sans conditioner as a shampoo with conditioner will only double the damage done by the Vaseline.

Aside from that, pure shampoos are “designed to remove excess styling product or environmental build-up from the hair. They are also great for removing hair greases and pomades.” (source: http://www.hairboutique.com/tips/tip959.htm)

Rinse the hair again with warm water after shampooing.

Method #2 - Peanut Butter Method

One of the methods I found out from my friends is the use of peanut butter. And when I researched it on the net, there are multiple testimonials about how effective peanut butter is in removing petroleum jelly grease on the hair.

Step #2

Once you are done blotting your tot’s hair with facial tissue, smear it with peanut butter. It may sound ironic to add a greasy substance to a greased hair.

But there is a science-based explanation to it.

Peanut butter is effective in removing Vaseline because it is polar, while petroleum jellies are nonpolar. They have the tendency to attract with each other, thus removing them more easily when they are combined.

Step #3

The same as in Method #1, rinse the hair with warm water after applying peanut butter on it. Apply a clarifying shampoo and rinse again with warm water. Voila! No more greasy feels!

Method #3 - Hairdryer Method


Step #2

Even if you already blotted your child’s hair with facial tissue, still an excess amount of Vaseline will keep clinging to it. So the best thing to do is to melt the excess petroleum jelly on the baby’s hair with a hairdryer and blot it again with facial tissue.

Make sure you won’t overdo blowdrying your baby’s hair as it may hurt your little angel with the heat a blowdryer brings.

Let your baby’s hair rest for a while before proceeding to step #3. This is to prevent his hair from further damage.

Step #3

Rinse his hair with warm water and cleanse it thoroughly using a clarifying shampoo before finishing it up with warm water again.

Method #4 - Oil Method


Step #2

This also may seem peculiar, but applying oil (can be coconut oil or baby oil or even olive oil) can do the trick in removing Vaseline from your child’s hair too. This holds the same reason with that of the peanut butter why oil can remove petroleum jelly from the hair.

  • Apply a generous amount of baby oil or coconut oil onto your baby’s hair.
  • Massage it a little with the oil and wring your baby’s hair to remove the excess oil together with the Vaseline.
  • Then let it sit for a while.

Step #3

  • Rinse his hair off with warm water before applying a moderate amount of clarifying shampoo to cleanse your baby’s hair from both oily substances.
  • Then rinse again with warm water.

What’s good with this method is that the oil will give your baby’s hair the conditioned look after shampooing.

Method #5 - Glycerine Soap


Step #2

Rinse your toddler’s hair with warm water, then, this time, instead of applying clarifying shampoo, try to use glycerine soap.

Glycerine soap is a soap “that contains glycerin, a component of fat or oil”. (Source: wikipedia.com)

It is thought to remove Vaseline from the hair easily because it has the same effect as oil or peanut butter in the hair. It is polar and attracts nonpolar like petroleum jelly. So removing petroleum jellies will be easy when you use glycerin soap.

Try to do this step twice and let the soap do its magic for a couple of minutes for sure and complete effect

The good part of using this soap in your baby’s hair is that it will leave your precious one’s scalp moisturized as well.

Method #6 - Regular Detergent Bars


This method is usually frowned upon by many because we all know how harsh detergent bars are and how it makes hair very dry. But in this method, we’ll add another step to counter its harsh effect on your baby’s hair.

Step #2

  • Same with the majority of the methods mentioned above, rinse hair after blotting it with facial tissue with warm water.
  • Then scrub your baby’s hair with detergent bar gently.

Actually, any detergent bar will do. Believe me, I have tried this once on my second child and I can attest to its effectivity.

What’s good with this method is it’s very easy as you won’t need to repeat the steps again because that’s how effective detergent bar is in removing Vaseline off your baby’s hair! After lathering the hair for a few minutes, voila! Your baby’s hair is cleared now of Vaseline!

Step #3

  • Rinse off your baby’s hair with warm water and this time pat it with a towel to dry a little.
  • Apply a generous amount of conditioner on his hair from top to bottom, then comb it with your fingers.
  • Give a little time for the conditioner to sip into your little angel’s hair.
  • Rinse your baby’s conditioned hair, but this time with just a tap water.

You’ll be surprised how great your precious one’s hair will feel like after doing this method.

Final Advice

Although having a Vaseline on your baby’s hair is a non-life threatening situation, yet it is really annoying and makes combing his hair a tough job.

Remember that any of these methods are surely effective. Although the procedures can vary, just as some are needed to be done repeatedly, but the results you want to achieve are sure to get.

Do you have any other methods you’ve proven are effective in getting Vaseline out of a baby’s hair? Why don’t you leave a comment below to share your experience with us? Share this article if you find it informative.

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