9 Simple Ways How To Make The Baby Move In Your Stomach

Are you kicking to know how to make the baby move inside your stomach? Or have you experienced your baby move inside your stomach but couldn’t remember how you made him move?

Making your baby move inside your stomach is one of the happiest feelings a mother could experience during pregnancy. It makes us realize that we are part in creating a new beginning, a new life.

In this article, we will impart to you some of the simple ways to make your baby move inside your stomach. Happy reading!


#1. Drink Cold Water


Even adults jerk when being wet with cold water. So just imagine how much more when your baby, who is already quite comfortable inside your warm and cozy tummy, is being poured with icy cold water.

Although drinking icy cold water does not literally mean pouring your baby inside with it, but the temperature inside your body will abruptly go down when you drink icy cold water. And it somehow makes the baby jerk with the abrupt change in temperature inside his hiding place.

Just make sure you’ve eaten well before doing this or else it will encourage your morning sickness.

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#2. Drink Fruit Juices


We love fruit juices, whether you admit it or not. So how much more your little bundle of joy inside your tummy? But it could be much yummier for your baby if it’s a little bit sweeter.

And aside from that, sweet, according to Dr. Gareth Forde of babyq.com, when you drink sweeter juices:

Blood sugar is affected and that is shared with your baby almost right away. If you are trying to encourage your baby to move during a kick count session, try drinking a glass of orange juice. The natural sugars are absorbed quickly into your bloodstream.

Dr. Gareth Forde

#3. Drink Hot Chocolate Or Hot Tea


Some pregnant women attest to the effectiveness of hot chocolate or hot tea in making the baby move inside the stomach.

I for one have tried this trick during my 2nd pregnancy and it really made my baby move inside my belly. I guess it’s because hot drinks make the baby inside the stomach feels warm. And since the baby is not used to the frequent change of temperature inside the womb, he will naturally move or jerk.

Ideal temperature though for the hot chocolate or hot tea should not go beyond 60 degrees Celsius. In this way, your baby won’t have to make a big adjustment in the sudden change of temperature inside your belly.

Make sure it’s not too hot that can harm you.

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#4. Eat Sweet Snacks

Don’t get tempted to do this often or it will cause your baby harm and hyperactive

The rationale is just the same as #2. And additionally, eating sweet snacks is also a good variation from your usual meal you eat daily.

Sweet snacks are always a welcome change for us human beings as we are naturally sweet-toothed. However, pregnant women should do away from frequent eating of too many sweets and sugary treats as these promote gestational diabetes.

According to John Hopkins Medicine cited by healthline.com, gestational diabetes “increases the risk of having a baby born with hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and that there’s also higher risk of your baby developing diabetes later in life as well.”


Aside from gestational diabetes, babies whose mothers frequently eat sweets are more hyperactive. According to researchers on medicaldaily.com:

Mothers who had eaten high quantities of sugar, fat, and processed foods throughout their pregnancy were the most likely to give birth to children with conduct problems


#5. Exercise


I’ve tried this personally on my 2nd pregnancy and it really worked. A little bit of stretching and jogging daily makes your baby move inside your tummy as if the baby himself is also doing some exercise inside the belly.

But experts advise not to do strenuous exercises especially if you’re in your third trimester of pregnancy, because you may end up delivering the baby when he’s not supposed to go out to the world yet.

Just don’t overdo it or it will be harmful for your pregnancy instead of beneficial.

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#6. Lie Down And Relax


Most babies around the world love to be rocked, we all know that. In this rationale that we find why lying down and relaxing can make babies move inside the stomach.

Babies, even when still inside the stomach, want to be lulled to sleep. That’s why when they feel there’s no movement anymore, they move and kick as if telling you that “hey, I’m not asleep yet.”

#7. Listen To Music


Optimal volume of music is very good for the baby. Yours truly even experienced how effective listening to music is in making the baby move inside the womb.

According to experts, music catches the baby’s attention. It does not matter though what music you want your baby to hear, as long as it’s not too loud and irritating to your senses. If the music is irritating to your senses, chances are, it’s also irritating to your baby’s.

The volume should be at its optimum level so as not to harm your ears and your baby’s.

Megan Richardson

#8. Shake Your Tummy


Nothing beats to shaking him when you want him to wake up. Just the same as shaking your baby inside your tummy to wake him up.

In fact, my OB had done this several times when she wanted to feel my baby move inside my belly. All she did was to wiggle a little bit my baby bump and voila! My baby moved.

Just do it gently, though, as your precious baby is the one inside.

Don’t overdo shaking your belly, it could harm your baby!

Megan Richardson

#9. Gently Stroke Your Belly And Talk To Your Baby


Stroking your belly and talking to the occupant inside wondrously can make the baby move inside your tummy. Even husbands can do it to their pregnant wives and will still have the same result.

During my first pregnancy, nothing moved my little bundle inside my womb than hearing the voice of his father. Whenever he hears his father talk, he is acting excitedly. I just couldn’t explain the phenomenon more but I guess it’s the fact that he became a daddy’s boy when he grew up.

Final Thought


You might find some of these do not yield a result you are expecting. But don’t fret. When one of these steps does not make your baby move, it does not mean your baby is not healthy because babies have different reactions to our actions. It might be that a sound of music can lull him instead to sleep.

If you are doubtful regarding the status of your baby inside your womb, immediately consult your OB Gyne.

How do you rate this article? If you have additional tips to make baby move inside the womb, share it in the comment below. Don’t forget to share it with your expectant mom friends.

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