Kazam Balance Bike

Product Overview

The Kazam Balance Bike has earned added popularity after appearing on the TV show Shark Tank. The KaZam is one of the heaviest bikes among the competitors. So the developers target the particular 3 to 6 years old age team. The exclusive function of KaZam is the patented footrest.

The footrest is definitely incorporated into the frame, properly placed with the biggest market of the base where in fact the rider’s feet are at a normal position. This bike emerges and inexpensive in a variety of different colors. It is also a far more designed bike with a straightforward to regulate seat and handlebars traditionally.

The wheels are made of rubber plus filled up with air. You can find no brakes as well as the handlebars are usually soft plastic with hardly grip. The bicycle also offers a footrest while watching seat for the base and offers the two years guarantee.

Features of the Kazam Balance Bike

  • High Quality
    This balance bike comes with high quality materials. You need something made with high quality materials like aluminum or even steel alloy. Whatever else will never be as durable and will not endure under regular use.
  • Perfect Accessories
    Beginning with the entire body of the bike that’s comprised of a powder coated twelve inch patented metal frame which guarantees a durable bicycle for your kids. It offers a unique footrest within the metal frame that helps your own kids in handling and riding the particular bicycle easily. This bike has rubber tires which are 12 inch high. These tires are usually air inflated along with steel spokes which means that your baby enjoys an easy ride on various terrains. Moreover all the accessories of this bike are absolutely sturdy and durable.
  • Attractive Color
    It comes with a selection of colors that are ideal for both girls and boys. So if you desire to gift this in order to your baby girl then you definitely might not have to be worried about the option of the girl’s favorite color.
  • Perfect Balance for the Kids: Kazam has made excellent stability bikes for the little one. They include pneumatic rubber tires but not really slippery hard plastic tires. The particular frames are created out of aluminum, not metal. Children lift their feet up normally and position all of them to the foot rest maintaining perfect balance and middle associated with gravity similar to a conventional bicycle.

Benefits of Kazam Balance Bike

  • Safe for the Kids
    With its proper air and alignment inflated tires, this particular bike ensures basic safety for your little ones. If you want to teach your children in order to ride a pedaled bike quickly plus safely, try the particular balance first, pedal-next method of understanding how to ride the bike.
  • Encourages Kids to Play
    The majority of the time, children right now only prefer to play in the house probably because there are usually a lot of game consoles that are offered. Kids can play with the usage of their tablets along with other devices but with this particular bicycle, kids should to go and play outdoors. This will provide them with enough exercise through the full day, simultaneously; the experience will be completely different from what they make experience at tablets.
  • Provide Comfortable Ride
    KaZAM Classic Balance Bicycle gives your baby a comfortable ride using its adjustable seat plus chrome handlebar that may adjust from fourteen to 17.5 inches and 18.75 to 22.5 inches correspondingly. With the cushioned hands grips, your kids’ fingers remain less damage.
  • Easy to Use
    The easy step-in patented foot relaxation that is incorporated into the frame further supports balance and the actual bicycle more comfortable in order to ride. It is extremely an easy task to perform the adjustments with this bike. You really don’t require any kind of equipment for altering the deal with bar and the seat.

Who is the Best Suited for this Balance Bike?

KaZAM Classic Balance Bicycle is for those people who are looking for a secure ride for their children. They expect no potential for any kind of accident or injury. This balance bike is suitable for the kids who are at least 2-3 years old.

What purpose and when the customers use this Balance Bike?

Children desire to enjoy themselves and also have enjoyable and something of the techniques they do this is buttoning a shirt. Most of people love about these types of bicycles because they push their kids to learn faster and also to benefit from the process of learning as well. KaZAM teaches kids co-ordination plus balance and prepares them to ride an actual pedaled “big kid” bike. For the above reasons, customers use balance bike for their kids.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Question: When can a kid start riding the KaZam bike?

Answer: This bike is ideal for kids who are 3 – 6 years old but kids who are at least 2-3 years old can start riding this balance bike.

2. Question: How can it assist children ride bicycles?

Answer: The best thing about balance bikes is that the kid will learn to balance on his/her own to be able to help the particular progress from the bicycle to a normal bicycle far easier to accomplish.

3. Question: Do KaZam bicycles have to be installed along with pedals?

Answer: KaZam bicycles don’t have pedals however is because they’re just designed to help kids balance well. Children feel the majority of the right time like they’re gliding or flying if they are using their bikes.

4. Question:  Do KaZam bicycles have brakes?

Answer: The main reason is that children may have trouble balancing and focusing on brakes simultaneously. It possesses handbrakes for the beginners.

5. Question: Could it be possible for kids to stop the bike?

Answer: In order to effectively do that, a child must be in a position to reach properly the floor. Even whilst sitting down, the kid should be able to place each of his/her feet on the floor so that anytime the bike would have to be stopped, it can easily be stopped


The Kazam Balance Bike truly enables your kids the pleasure of zooming through driveway to recreation area to bicycle trail without the fear of going for a tumble. The included “Step in” patented foot sleep is an excellent way for kids to changeover to Pedal Bikes. Additionally, this bike uses real rubber, air inflated tires along with metal spokes that are absolutely genuine. Overall, KaZam bike is enormously perfect for your beloved kids.

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