How much does it cost to ship a bike?

how much does it cost to ship a bike

Do you really want to ship a bike? Chances are high that you do if you are reading this and if you are looking for answers then you have reached the right place. Okay, now how can we start with this? Firstly let us find out why would want to ship a bike. It could be for that:

  • You are relocating
  • Just buying a bike from an out of town retailer or seller
  • For a cross country bike ride
  • Going on an expedition for fun
  • Seeking adventure in far flung areas
  • You prefer a bike over a car

Reasons may be many but the fact remains a fact that you need to ship it to a certain destination and for that you need to find answer to how much does it cost to ship a smart gear balance bike or any kind.


 Smart Gear Balance Bike

Find out how much does it cost to ship a bike?

This section ideally should be divided in to three sub sections to make it easy for you to understand what the process is like. We will begin with how to get your estimates of shipping your bike in the first place. Give this section a thorough read:

  • How to start – Start looking for a vendor or in this case a shipping agency that can transport your bike. Of course, it depends on your location and the weight of the bike but there are some good players in this game. Names like FedEx, UPS, Amtrak, Bikeflights and pops up in our minds and even in popular forums making them more admired. If you are shipping it to via a flight then you can consider names like Frontier, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, US Airways, United and Delta. The pricing differs from merchant to merchant but it should not exceed your estimation. The best way to find answer to this would be call on the vendors personally to get a quote. You can also log into the internet and use shipping calculators to do the job.

Another thing that you need to get an idea about is: 

  • Door to door service – This process involves vendors to pick up your merchandise and deliver your bike to an address as prescribed by the customer
  • Drop off service – This is a procedure that demands the customer to drop it by the vendor’s office and the vendor will deliver it to the customer’s home or office as stated
  • During the process – If you have decided to ship your bike, then it is high time that you start packing your bike like a pro. Some packers will do it for you, but if you are a DIY person then you can arrange it like this:
  • The first thing would be to wear comfortable clothes
  • Again wear clothes thinking that they may get grease on it
  • Get a strong cardboard carton
  • You can also try the Bike Travel Cases which may be expensive but are worth
  • Put the bike upside down
  • Invest in bubble paper or may be old rags and newspaper
  • Fold the sides of the carton if required for convenience
  • Dismantle and pack pedals, wheels, handle bars and seat post carefully
  • Unscrew pedals cautiously
  • Some pedals even come with Allen bolt that need to be watched over
  • Unhook the wheels warily
  • It is recommended that you deflate the tires before packing as this will help you more
  • Leave no empty room and pack your bike with care
  • Secure the whole package
  • Run a test of the packaging if required
  • After the arrival – Keep the money ready and pay the way they prefer to make it a smooth process. Do not forget to inspect your bicycle as it is delivered and expect it more likely to be safe.

The exact cost to ship a bike

Although this differs from vendor to vendor, yet we must add that there is an estimation we have worked out that will help you take a call. There are no doubts that this is a rough approximation, but it can be taken as a starting point.

  • If it is shipped within the region then it should cost you around $15 – $20
  • If you are trying to ship it across the country then it should cost around $30 – $40
  • With rising fuel prices and cost of administration, complete shipping of a bike may be well over $100

Some useful tips

These following tips will help you decide what you need to do while shipping a bike safely to any destination. These tips are very helpful in making an arrangement in the best possible ways. So read on to get a hang of things.

  • Check the boxed bike and see if it requires anymore securing
  • You have to be extra cautious while shipping smart gear balance bike as it demands high protection of its gear.
  • You can give shipping a miss if you are using your own network
  • As mentioned earlier dismantling the bike can be a good idea if you want it to be delivered safe
  • Leave no room for wobbling and stuff the empty areas
  • Do buy bike insurance before you place an order for shipping
  • Mark the package with your name and address, rather with as much details as you can
  • Make a backup plan in case the bike goes missing
  • It is highly advisable that you get expensive bikes packed by professionals only for good

Hope this post has helped you get all the answers to how much does it cost to ship a bike in a comprehensive way. If you really want to rejuvenate and enjoy your ride then shipping your bike to your current location could be a good idea. Not to forget that this is cheaper than buying a brand new bike. Riding a bike can save you a lot on your gas and save the environment. So why not take the plunge and get it shipped right away!

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