Why Outdoor Play Is The Best Way To Go

With the advancement in technology, most children have been exposed to indoor games. There has been a lot of research showing how the predominant amount of time spent indoors has affected the children’s health. Having this in mind you cannot afford missing out on this article as it capitalizes on the benefits of playing outdoors.


Why Outdoor Play Is Important

When a child plays outdoor games, they have an opportunity to explore the natural environment and make some adventures. With these adventures, they can develop a learning ability and have a lot of interactions with nature.

Outdoor games guarantee the well-being of your children. There is less harm to the children even after they have a lot of fun this is because in most cases the outdoor play has fewer risk toys.

When your child plays from outside, they explore a lot due to the large space available. They can jump kick and even throw the toys as space allows great movement movements. The physical activities are of great importance to their fitness and general development.

Outdoor games come with a lot of health benefits. They can naturally absorb vitamin D and thus reducing their chances of developing rickets as well as lowering the chances of being short –sighted.

Outdoor Play Ideas for Your Child

Your child only needs to be encouraged to have outdoor plays. With a large space and older children, all you have to do is to usher them out and watch them leave; they can play on their own. For younger children, you should be there monitoring their play and ensure their safety.

Since most young children love to help, you can let some weeding, sweeping the pathways, watering the gardens and hanging clothes be part of their outdoor play. You can also take your children to the parks and local playgrounds as this comes with a low-cost and give your child room for running from other children.

As you walk along the park, you can teach your child pedestrian rules and some road safety as there are some roads within the park and they need to learn such things as early as possible.

For older children, you can let them have a choice of activities, and this may include some ball games and other junior sports activities.

Which Outdoor Activities Fit Your Child

Despite the fact that your child learns a lot outdoor, you need to make them comfortable by exposing them to activities that suit their age. The following are some of the ideas that may suit your child at different ages.


For babies who cannot engage in plays, you can let them;

  • crawl on the grass under outdoor furniture
  • watch trees move and listen to birds chirp
  • learn different colours from the coloured cars, street lights and apartments

For toddlers who can explore the world around them and test their physical growth, the outdoor games may include;

  • throwing and chasing the balls as you ensure their safety
  • pushing and pulling different toys and objects across different surfaces
  • taking walks and running around trees, over the stones as they chase these objects of their interest
  • Supervise them play with some sand and mud. This may even include some moulding.

The pre-school are big and can play with other children. The following may suit them.

  • Chasing games such as hide–and-seek and ball kick-to-kick
  • Crawling through the tunnels and climbing over tree trunks
  • Running in different directions with scarves and improvised colourful kites
  • Building a castle using the outdoor equipment

School-aged children need more structured games which are more involving. These are;

  • Some creative building of furniture using the readily available equipment
  • Playing chase or tag
  • Climbing trees

During rainy seasons, your child may not have to be outdoor all through. Ones it’s not raining heavily you can always equip them with gumboots and raincoats. Let them see the falling leaves and jump over the rain.

It is natural that the child may hurt while playing and as they risk trying out new things. When this happens you should not be too much worried, this gives the child some learning grounds as they can learn from their mistakes. The hurts help the child know the boundaries. However, you should not keep your child at risk or hurt seriously.

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