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Product Overview

The Schwinn Balance Bike tends to be the ideal bicycle for the baby to learn what feels as though to stability on two tires. As a parent, it is possible to rest assured realizing that Schwinn has managed to get as safe as possible. The adjustable handlebars plus seat can grow with them. In the end, they are called as “baby steps” for a reason!

While Balance Bikes appear in all sizes and shapes, their three typical functions are which they don’t really possess pedals, training or chains wheels. The idea behind the total Bicycle is that it’s not really pedaling that’s the tough skill to learn, yet balancing.

For some kids who begin using an equilibrium bike, they will have gotten the hang of walking recently. Think about, for another how different balancing should be just! The particular Schwinn Balance Bicycle is excellent value with regard to the purchase price point, and a secure option for an initial foray into balancing.

Features of the Schwinn Balance Bike

  • New Design and Look
    This particular bike comes with a fresh design technology called feet to floor framework design that is not just good searching but additionally very advantageous when it comes to its utility. Thus, it gives more confidence towards the newbie learners of the bike.
  • Adjustable Seats and Handlebars
    Bikes should be quite flexible and adjustable for kids who keep growing when their height changes. Thus if you buy bicycles which are adjustable, that is, types with modifiable seats and handles, they are much better away than those rigid set bicycles.
  • Sturdy Accessories
    This bike comes with sturdy accessories. The tread with this tire, combined with metal spokes, make the bicycle look just like a grown-up bicycle and kids will gain lots of confidence by driving a thing that looks similar to the bikes that the larger kids have.
  • Strong Frame
    Generally this bike is well-crafted. It includes two scratches with one heading down all the real way to the metal. The frame is indeed study plus sustains the excess weight of one’s child nicely without straining

Benefits of the Schwinn Balance Bike

  • Very Appropriate for Growing Kids
    As the handle plus seat could be adjusted to a required height easily, we can state that it’s meant for developing children that are fairly quick picking up making use of their height.
  • Affordable
    Generally most of the customers are worried about how inexpensive children bike could be because they require changing it out very often. Nevertheless, if you can purchase a priced bike reasonably, then there is a more than likely chance you could replace this bicycle with a fresh one after your own kids grow up. Moreover this bike is found in an affordable price.
  • Easily Assembled
    This particular easy to use bike could be assembled by the parents. Simply search for the particular instructions in an individual guide or the guide and you’ll be able to very easily work out how to assemble the particular bike.
  • Real Adult Looking Bike
    These bicycles have spiked tires and unlike some other kids’ bicycles. They don’t have plastic tires. These tires appear quite like the people which usually adults ride.

Who is the Best Suited for this Balance Bike?

Kids who are well belt may use this bicycle as many clients possess. They think that the bicycle is slightly weighty. This bicycle is principally meant for beginners and first-time learners.

However, you need not throw the bicycle away after utilizing it for two years. It is possible to keep it until your son or daughter matures to 35” tall. So, why not cut costs with a durable plus resilient bike which may be very easily adjusted for those developing children. Basically the bike is suitable for the kids who are at least two years old.

What purpose and when the customers use this Balance Bike?

As a parent you want a bicycle to be an expense that remains with regard to at the very least 2 years after that this bike will be what you ought to purchase for your child. Children desire to take pleasure in themselves and also have enjoyable and something of the techniques they do this is buttoning a shirt.

Schwinn Balance Bike is absolutely nice looking as well as sturdy. It is perfect for the beginners. Kids like this very much. For this reason the majority of customers use this bike.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Question: Who can ride this Schwinn Bike?

Answer:  Kids who are at least 2 years old can ride this balance bike.

2. Question: Can I purchase Schwinn Bike in affordable price?

Answer: Certainly. You can purchase it in affordable price.

3. Question: Does the Schwinn Bike come with pedals?

Answer: No. This balance bike does not carry pedals.

4. Question: Can I assemble this bike in my house?

Answer: This balance bike includes a user manual with it. So by using this manual you can setup it easily.


A Schwinn Balance Bike is the perfect way for kids to obtain the hang associated with balancing; permitting them to concentrate on pedaling once they are set. In accordance with numerous parents of Stability Bikers, after they do make the changeover to a Pedal Bike even, their own kids continue driving their Balance Bicycle in tandem due to the fact it’s so much enjoyment. With Schwinn’s selection of quality materials, plus easy assembly the particular 12” Bike offers exceptional value.

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