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Product Overview

Classic Balance Bikes allow kids to learn the balance plus motor skills essential for biking, safely and naturally, with no counting on training wheels. The two-wheel pedal-free bike allows kids to perform the bike along and figure out how to coast making use of their feet up eventually. This natural plus kid-oriented method of biking helps children creating the confidence in order to balance the bicycle while moving plus liberates them in the crutch of training wheels so that they can bicycle earlier.

The  Smart Gear Balance Bike features comfy rubberized grips, a padded leatherette seat, plus a restricted steering radius to avoid jackknifing. The particular pneumatic wheels give a softer, even stronger ride, and are built with longer fill regulators to create it simpler to secure the push to the tire. Lastly, a distinctive, integrated carry handle upon the frame makes it simple for an adult to transport the bicycle to and from the car, and enables a kid to push the bicycle along more easily also.

Features of the Smart Gear Balance Bike

  • Handlebar
    Regular 22. 2mm steel handlebar plus soft urethane grips with protective finishes. Machined lightweight aluminum binding clamp allows elevation adjustment from 46-56cm (18-22”). 5mm wrench tool included.
  • Wheel
    Strider-exclusive, ultra light one-piece wheels sports activity a raised-letter, five-spoke design along with 10 bearing assistance gussets for optimum power at the least heavy weight probable. Top quality sealed container bearings roll soft and never need modification.
  • Tires
    EVA plastic (industrial foam) wheels are super light and long lasting however provide a smooth trip. On top of that, they will never need surroundings and can by no means go flat.
  • Seat
    The durable, all-weather conditions mini-saddle is designed for starting riders and their small hips specifically. Smaller, narrower, plus lighter than a normal saddle, this seat enables proper riding posture and position.
  • Footrest
    Unique, frame-integrated footrests sit directly below the saddle for organic bike balance properly. This position furthermore fosters the advanced capability to stand while gliding in addition to jumping and pumping the bicycle
  • Brake Mount
    The exclusive back brake mount enables the addition of a foot-controlled brake after the children are usually proficiently gliding along with feet upon the footrests. Brake kits are separately sold.

Benefits of Using the Smart Gear Balance Bike

  • Eco-Friendly
    For the eco-friendly conscious mother or father, Classic Balance Bike is designed with materials from secure and renewable resources. The wooden frame is made of birch timber which is not merely renewable, but plays a part in the particular bike’s overall light-weight.
  • Safety
    Classic bike goes various lengths to make sure their products adhere to safety rules. This balance bike is comparatively safe from others. Actually there is no risk of injury or accident here.
  • Adjustability or Versatility
    The Classic Balance bike includes a 5 position adjustable seat with a height ranging between11 inch to 17 inch. This function is convenient for the growing child. However from the chair height apart, the Classic does not provide parent or child to change the bike further.
  • Ideal Teacher
    Classic Balance Bicycle teaches plus inspires your son or daughter to build up the expertise for life of cycling. The opportunity to support a child if they are younger plus much less inexperienced in addition to if they are old and larger is really a key benefit of the particular Classic.
  • Sustainable Design
    The bike’s light-weight construction makes it simple intended for children to transport around. Smart gear balance bike is made from birch wooden that is harvested from the replenish-able source. The particular bicycles are designed making use of formaldehyde-free glue in addition to nontoxic paints plus lacquer.

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Who is the Best Suited for This Product?

Classic Balance Bike is perfect for those parents who are searching for a secure ride for their children with little or without any accident or even injury. It is considered as the trainer of your kids. It helps to develop your kid’s skill in riding. This bike is suitable for those who are 1.6 to 5 years old.

What Reasons the Customer Use This Bicycle and Why?

Smart Gear Balance Bike is very suitable for the kids. It helps your kids how to keep balance when riding. Its sleek design attracts the children. So children enjoy riding this bike very much. Besides, parents enjoy these bikes to make their kids faster. Basically these bikes are considered as a teacher of your kids. For this reason customers use this bicycle for their children.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Question: What is a Classic Balance Bike?

Answer: A classic balance bike is really a bicycle without throttle that emphasis the most crucial skill a child requires to learn riding a bicycle, balance. Classic Balance Bikes are usually lighter and smaller than conventional pedal bikes and that produce them easy to control, for kids as early as 18 months even.

2. Question: Are balance bicycles safe?

Answer: In comparison with training and tricycles wheels, a young child is a lot safer riding a balance bike. Balance bikes are clear of any cables also, chains, sprockets, protrusions or even pedals that may harm your child.

3. Question: Will be assembly required?

Answer: Set up is very fundamental, requires approximately ten minutes or even less and needs minimal to simply no tools for set up. You will find the bicycle assembly to be easy and straightforward.

4. Question: Will my child have to wear a helmet?

Answer: At Jump Begin Bikes, I believe strongly a child should wear a helmet while riding a bike. You will find no Federal laws and regulations in the U.S.A requiring bicycle helmet.

5. Question: Where does the Company ship this balance bike?

Answer: The Company delivers within the U.S contiguous 48 states. They can’t deliver to the next: The Hawaii, P. O. boxes, Alaska, FPO and APO, outside the U. S. contiguous 48 states and internationally.

6. Question: Exactly what size must I obtain?

Answer: Classic balance bikes can be found in 12″, 16″, plus 20″ models (number identifies wheel size in inches).


Smart Gear Balance Bike is industry- leading training bicycles that help the children minimum age of 18 months. These bicycles concentrate on the basics associated with balancing, leaning, and steering without the distractions and problems of pedals or training tires. This original design teaches small children balance on 2 wheels right from the start, evading developmental delays normal with tricycles plus training-wheel bikes.

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