Strider 12 Classic No-Pedal Balance Bike

Product Overview

Strider balance bikes may be the leader with regard to delivering the helping hand in order to children attempting to discover ways to ride on 2 wheels. The Strider 12 classic no-pedal balance bike is really a lightweight build, ideal for children as early as 1.5 years. The bike’s style allows kids to straddle the bike, ensuring that both feet are planted on the floor and propelled properly.

The particular 12 Classic is created with natural methods at heart, concentrating on steering and balance without the added distraction of training tires or pedals. Actually, these types of bikes have even shown to improve your own children’s balance in ways that’s both enjoyment and engaging.

Features of the Strider 12 Classic No-pedal Balance Bike

  • Bar plus Seat Clamps
    Precision machined aluminum quick release allows “No Tools” saddle elevation modification from 28 – 41 cm (11 – 16″) intended for an ideal fit for the kid. 5 millimeter wrench included.
  • Footrest
    Unique, frame-integrated footrests are properly positioned directly below the saddle for organic bike balance. This position also fosters the advanced capability to stand while gliding in addition to jumping and pumping the bike.
  • Handlebar
    Standard 22.2 mm metal handlebar and soft urethane grips with defensive finishes. Machined lightweight aluminum binder clamp enables elevation adjustment through 46 – 56 cm (18 – 22″). 5 millimeter wrench included.
  • Wheel
    Strider-exclusive, ultra-light one-piece wheels sports a raised-letter, 5-spoke style with ten bearing assistance gussets for maximum power at the lightest bodyweight probable. Top- high quality sealed cartridge bearings roll soft and not need adjustment.
  • Seat
    The long lasting, all-weather conditions mini-saddle is designed for starting riders and their small hips specifically. Smaller, narrow, and lighter when compared to a typical saddle, this seat permits proper riding posture and position.

Benefits of Using Strider 12 Classic No-pedal Balance Bike

  • Light-weight and Free of Maintenance
    The particular bike may be the least heavy among its collection. Hence you can easily make use of and trip for the delicate toddlers.
  • Easy Adjustments
    For growing children this bicycle lets you make some simple and fast adjustments on the seat and the handle-bar.
  • Great Teacher for the Kids
    The biggest professional concerning the Strider 12 Classic No pedal Stability bike may be the fact it educates small kids how to trip bikes the way in which. This bike eliminates the distraction of training and pedals wheels.
  • Make Confidence
    When your kid doesn’t need to be worried about pedals it offers all of them more confidence. No more do they have to be worried about staying on the bicycle. Their fear will be eliminated as they could have complete control on the bike.
  • Easy to Ride
    Strider 12 classic no-pedal balance bike is balance, steering and leaning. And while throttle are excellent, they make it harder for kids to learn how exactly to trip a bike the right way. So it is super easy in order to ride.

Who is the Best Suited for this Balance Bike?

Strider 12 classic bikes are safe for riding and children may be free from any kind of potential accident or injury. This bike is perfect for the kids who are 1.5 years to 5 years old.

What reasons the customer utilize this bicycle and why?

Strider 12 classic no-pedal balance bike is absolutely perfect for the kids who are 18 months to 5 years old. This bike works as a teacher of the kids. Kids like this bike very much and they enjoy a lot riding this bike. Moreover customers enjoy these bicycles to create their kids faster also to benefit from the procedure for learning as well. For this reason customers purchase this balance bike for their kids.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Question: What is the seat height range?

Answer: The seat height range for the Strider 12 Classic is 11 inch to 16 inch. An optionally available XL Seat post plus Saddle extends through 15″ to 19″.

2. Question: Does this bicycle include two seats?

Answer: This Classic model does not include the XL Chair Saddle and post. The 2015 Sport design does.

3. Question: When should I utilize the XL seat post?

Answer: Typically when a youngster is 3 ½ years old, they will take advantage of the XL Seat post and Saddle. The saddle height range for the XL Seat post is 41-48cm (16-19″).

4. Question: How high should the actual handlebars be high?

Answer: Handlebar height ought to be at the cheapest setting for 15 to 24 month olds, mid-height intended for 36 – 48 months old, plus in the best setting for 48+ several weeks aged. Typically, the handlebars are wanted by one to be about mid-torso.

5. Question: Why are the tires plastic?

Answer: The wheels are made of a good EVA polymer (industrial foam) that gives 2 essential benefits.

6. Question: Exactly what size must I obtain?

Answer: Strider bicycles can be found in 12″, 16″, plus 20″ models (number identifies steering wheel diameter in inches).


Overall I’d like to say that strider 12 classic no-pedal balance bike is the perfect bicycle for just about any toddler simply learning how exactly to ride. It includes everything your kid will have to start riding a bike simply by them. If you look at the reviews because of this product you’ll see they’re overwhelmingly positive. Mom and dad love this bicycle since it allows the youngster to understand at their very own pace. The young children think it’s great since they have absolute freedom.

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