Strider 12 Sport No-Pedal Balance Bike

Product Overview

Are you searching for a no-pedal balance bike for your kid? Okay, you have landed at the proper place now. Read the following review carefully and I really believe you will be competent to select the perfect one.

The Strider 12 Sport No-Pedal Balance Bike is a fantastic gift for your kids. This unisex bike comes with a simple and elegant design. Made from metallic, this balance bicycle is long-lasting and sturdy. It comes in numerous finishes, helping you to pick the one that fits your own kid’s style. The particular U. S trademarked metallic framework offers additional steadiness in order to the total balance bicycle.

This bike comes with EVA polymer tire which is puncture proof. This handlebar of the balance bicycle can be modified in accordance with your child’s needs. A seat is included by this balance bike which may be adjusted to generate it comfortable for kids of different height.

Benefits of Using the Strider 12 Sport No-Pedal Balance Bike

  • Durable
    The durable and also all-weather mini-saddle is established for starting riders particularly. Lesser, narrower along with lighter in weight when compared to a classic seat, this seat permits proper riding position and placement. The sport design also includes a cushioned XL seat plus lengthy seat article to fit children more than 3 years plus enables seat elevation adjusting around 48cm (19”).
  • Small in addition fully light-weight
    The bike is in fact tiny. It’s actually light-weight also that is best for somebody so very little to get off the bottom, which he/she can. Moreover it really is fully perfect for your children due to its lightweight and small shape.
  • Easy Assembly
    Set up is completely easy, despite the fact that I have to start using a mallet to include the quick release concerning the specific handlebar stem since it is a tiny bit limited. It takes additional time to think about all the presentation aside than putting this particular collectively.
  • Attractive Design
    This bike is commonly designed for little children. Develop stability, work out how to ride and have an enjoyable experience also, all in one gorgeous bike. No pedals, simply no chain, hardly any sprockets no coaching tires either child check out and excitements spin quickly.
  • Well-balanced Equipment
    It comes with well balanced equipment. With footrests on either family member part, this specific no-pedal cycle assists them develop stability, placement and driving placement without the unneeded bodyweight of a standard your pedal bike. Your child will like the saddle seat and incredibly small handlebars, designed to further help stability development.

Features of the Strider 12 Sport No-Pedal Balance Bike

  • Handlebar
    The unique 12.7 mm metallic handlebar is 43% more compact than regular allowing better manage alongside tiny fingertips. Customized logo design mini-grips are often smooth urethane alongside protecting ends. Machined-aluminum fast release enables “No Equipment” height adjustment from 46 – 56 centimeter (18 – 22”).
  • Tires
    EVA plastic (commercial foam) tires are really light-weight and durable. Nevertheless they provide a smooth tour. Best of all, they don’t need air flow plus won’t go flat.
  • Seat
    The durable, all-weather conditions mini-saddle is designed for beginning specifically riders and their little hips. Smaller, narrow, plus lighter when compared to a common saddle, this seat permits proper riding position and position.
  • Wheel
    Strider- special, ultra-light 1- item wheels includes a raised-letter, 5-spoke design alongside ten bearing support gussets for ideal power at the very least weighty weight feasible. Best – top quality covered container bearings move simple and never need adjustment.
  • Footrest
    Unique, frame-integrated footrests are often properly positioned right below the saddle for natural bike balance. This position also fosters the advanced capacity to stand while gliding and in addition pumping and jumping the bike.
  • Brake Attached
    Strider-special back brake mount permits this inclusion of a foot- operated brake when the kids are skillfully sliding with ft around the footrests. Brake Kits separately are sold.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

1. Question: What is Strider 12 Sport No-Pedal Balance Bike?

Answer: The 12 Sport model provides every feature a kid (or parent) wants. It’s the ideal balance of overall presentation, options, and worth, featuring a lot more than 8 years of design manufacturing and development improvements.

2. Question: How will be the wheels from the Strider 12 Sports activity No-Pedal Balance Bicycle?

Answer: Strider-exclusive, ultra gentle one-piece wheels sports activity a raised-letter, five-spoke design with ten bearing support gussets for optimum power at the lightest bodyweight feasible. Top- high quality sealed cartridge bearings roll easy and not need adjustment.

3. Question: Is the seat long lasting of the Strider 12 Sports activity balance bicycle?

Answer: Yes. The long lasting, all-weather conditions mini-saddle tends to be designed for beginning riders and their small hips. Smaller, narrow, and lighter when compared to a typical saddle, this chair permits proper riding position and position.

4. Question: How are the tires of the Strider 12 Sports balance bike?

Answer: EVA polymer tires are fantastic light plus long lasting however provide a smooth trip. Best of all, this bikes will never need air flow and can in no way go flat.

5. Question: For which age group may be the Strider constructed?

Answer: The Strider 12 Balance Bike is made mainly for kids aged 1.5 years to five years or even around 27 kilos.

6. Question: Does the particular Strider 12 can be found in a choice of colors?

Answer: Indeed, the Strider comes in red, green, yellow, glowing blue, orange, all of the basic colors. Colors with which devoted dirt bicycle riders will classify, plus pink for the feminine!

7. Question: What type of material can be used to create the Strider 12 Sports balance bike?

Answer: A lot of the Strider frames are manufactured out of long lasting, light gauge metal tubing, the tires from heavy plastic material, plus the tires from the puncture-resistant mould EVA Polymer. The Strider isn’t a delicate toy; this is a well-built vehicle which should easily serve several growing kids.


The Strider 12 Sport No-Pedal Balance Bike is industry leading training bicycles that will assist children as soon as 1.5 years learn to trip on 2 tires. Strider balance bikes focus on the basics connected with balancing, leaning, and steering minus the distractions and issues of pedals or training tires. The simple, no-pedal design builds self- self-confidence plus eliminates be concerned by just allowing children to obtain their feet on the floor and improvement in their individual speed.

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Jamie Lopez - January 26, 2016

I purchased the Balance Bike for my 18 month grandson. It is very light weight and easy for him to get on and off.


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