A Look at Kid’s Walkie Talkie Games – What You’ve Been Missing Out

Walkie-talkies have been embraced by society and help in many situations and jobs that would otherwise be tough to complete alone. Other than their professional use, they also come in handy when on recreational time. I remember the first time I bought walkie talkies for my kids (you can also buy it here); I have never seen them as creative or half as excited as they hid and played games all summer.

At times, we joined the fray, and it was fun for us as it was for the kids. If you have purchased walkie talkies for your children, here are some fun games they can play.

Hide and Seek


I know you remember playing this game as a kid, hell, some of us still play it with our children. Normally, you couldn’t hide very far away from the seeker so as to jump at your best chance of winning the game or enjoying more ‘come and find me’ time. However, walkie talkies have changed the aspect of hide and seek and added bot only range to the game, but coordination as well.

Hiders usually know where they are located considering more than one hider can hide in the same spot. This tactic also makes it easy for the seekers since they can spot more than one person at the same hiding spot. According to Modernmom.com, with walkie talkies, your kids will be able to coordinate while hiding and it will be harder for the seeker to find any of them thanks to the gadgets.

Walkie talkies also add an advantage to the seekers. If the hide and seek game contains more than one seeker, they can communicate using walkie-talkies and coordinate as they find the hiders. This new challenge makes hide and seek more exciting for your kids and their friends.

Walkie talkies have also changed the whole concept of hide and seek. Usually, a game played by a few people and in a small range, hide and seek can now be played by the whole neighborhood.

According to constructiveplaythings.com, this increased range makes the game even interesting and fun and is a great way to get the community active getting along.

Capture the Flag


Capture the flag might be common with adults during summer breaks, but the kids love it just as much if not more. I remember one time we decided to play capture the flag in the afternoon during our family weekend and the kids were raring for the next family outing. Mothering.com suggests you make this game more fun for your kids by giving them walkie talkies; now sit back and watch them get creative.

This game requires more strategy and coordination than most kid games and is played over a relatively large area. Without walkie talkies, the team leader gives instructions to their group of players and relies on it to work even if everyone has to take up different roles. However, you might need to warn or alert a fellow team member in pole position to capture the flag. As such, communication is necessary without risking the chances of exposing your location to the enemy.

Walkie talkies will enable your kids to spread out far and wide and coordinate their moves as each team seeks to steal the other’s flag. Your kids will love walkie talkies when playing capture the flag because they also make it easier to sneak up on an opponent. Seeing that every team communicates on a different channel, members of each team will be able to maintain contact from the beginning of the game to the end.

Role Playing Games


Breaker 1-9, what’s your 20? Do you have a visual on the target? Affirmative, I am ready to engage. Roger, over and out. If not from a real life scenario, most kids have heard this language in their favorite action movie and fancied being the decorated soldier talking to their partner through the walkie talkie.

Kids’ walkie talkies have made this a reality and contributed to your child’s mental growth in the process. Role-playing games such as pretending to be spies, police officers, classy secret agents or even explorers are not only fun but also boost your child’s creativity. After every action movie, my kids will always try to recreate some of their favorite scenes. The fascinating thing for them when using walkie talkies to play role playing games is the language they get to use while communicating.

Walkie talkie lingo makes the whole spy or soldier character come to life in the mind of your kids. Last summer my kids requested water guns after presenting some good grades from school. I was always fascinated watching them play with friends by the pool on soldier missions with walkie talkies and water guns.

You have not known what your kid's mind is capable of until you hear them getting creative over walkie-talkies on a walk in the woods. Kids can play indoor adventure games using walkie talkies and disappear into their world. A search for a secret treasure might be boring if the kids spread out and do it individually, but walkie talkies add excitement. If your children enjoy finding treasures in the house or outside, walkie talkies are the perfect way to get them feeling like Indiana Jones.

Follow Directions


As much as this game is fun for kids, ensure that you supervise your children every time they say they want to play. The game involves a caller and a walker. They both get walkie talkies, but the Walker is blindfolded. As such, the caller gives the walker directions on what to do and what turns to make up to a predetermined location then leads them back to the starting point.

You will have to help your kids out with this game by assisting in the selection of the route to ensure that nothing can injure the blindfolded walker. Also, the fun might have some kids carried away and get them running blindfolded, which might lead to an unwanted accident. However, when the area is secure, and you have an eye out for the kids, this game is just as fun as any of the other three mentioned above.


Did you enjoy my list of walkie talkie games for kids? Seeing how times are changing and new games are being invented almost on a daily basis, walkie talkie games have created the perfect balance between technology and old-school games. Your kid’s mental growth is as important as his physical development.

A game or two on the PlayStation isn’t bad to keep them in tune with their times but give them walkie talkies and let them get creative and physical as well. This list is important because it gives you a head start on the kind of games you can not only let you kids play but also join in on the fun. A good way to share your parent-child time.

Tell me what you think of the list in the comment section below and kindly share the article if you liked it to help other parents across the globe.

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