What Does AF Mean? 9 Answers That Will Definitely Surprise You

Have you been messaged by a friend with AF lately through mobile or chat apps? And have you wondered what does AF mean?

The advent of latest and high technologies gives way to new words and acronyms that some are funny while some are better left abbreviated.

Acronyms like LOL, which stands for Laugh/ing Out Loud, LMAO for Laughing My Ass Out and many more have just sprouted, thanks to the combination of new technology and the frantic pace of human activity, not to mention the social media.

However, there is this acronym that stands among the rest: AF. It can mean anything, depending on what the sentence or your communication was about.

Here, we have researched the different meanings of AF across the internet and their origins. You mostly know about 1 or 2 meanings of AF and it will definitely surprise you to know there are more than 5 meanings of this two-letter abbreviation.

And it will surprise you more that AF is mostly related to women.

#1. AF For As Fuck

Most of you know this is the meaning of AF when your friend sends you a message such as “I’m tired AF”.

It denotes that the sender is very very tired. AF here is just to give an emphasis of how one feels or describes. Like for example: “she’s awesome AF”.

This one became popular during the rise of the social media, when people are becoming lazy to write the word “very, very” or to describe a person or thing or event in a proper way.

#2. AF For Aunt Flo


Aunt Flo means menstruation. When a woman or a lady says, she can’t go out tonight because Aunt Flo is here, that means she can’t party tonight because she has her period.

Its origin baffled many but most people guessed that it’s because menstruation is a free-flowing phenomenon, that’s where the term Flo was gotten. While the Aunt is because, usually aunts seldom visit and that mostly they are unwanted because they can embarrass you in a certain situation.

#3. AF For Amniotic Fluid


When your wife sends you a message to go home QAP because her AF has burst then for Pete’s sake go home as quickly as possible.

Amniotic fluid is a the watery substance that burst when a pregnant woman is about to deliver a baby. Sooner after the AF burst, the baby will follow suit in just a matter of hour or even seconds.

So don’t get confused when your wife’s doctor tells you that your wife’s AF is just fine and good. In clinical or medical term, AF is not “As Fuck”.

#4. AF For Athlete’s Foot


When a friend tells you to stay away from your suitor because he has AF, don’t get discouraged. Instead tell your suitor to take care of his feet before he can take care of you.

This is one of the most gross acronym for AF. This one and BO (for body odor) are the most disgusting factors that women find in a man. So get rid of your AF with anti-fungal cream or wash.

#5. AF For Autofocus


When two cameramen are talking and they mention AF, don’t get confused. They only mean autofocus, which is what usually a professional cameraman looks for in a camera lens.

Lens with autofocusing feature makes your capturing the subject a lot speedier and easier than manual focusing.

AF for autofocus was first used between the 60s and 70s by Leitz (Leica) (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autofocus), and the acronym AF for autofocus was widely used during the late 70s.

#6. AF For Air Freshener

If your girlfriend tells you in your car to replace your AF because it does not emit odor anymore, don’t worry. She just means to replace your air freshener.

AF for air freshener was first used during the late 40s. However, it’s more heard of during the late 70s or early 80s. It is not commonly used these days because of the term’s ambiguity as there are many meanings of AF nowadays.

#7. AF For Abercrombie & Fitch


When talking about brands, AF stands for Abercrombie & Fitch. AF is an American brand of men’s and women’s casual wear. Presently, AF has colognes for men and women as well.

AF brand was founded in 1892 in New York. (abercrombie.com)

#8. AF For Air Filter


When in a building and people talk to change the AF as the air smells and feels dirty anymore, what they really mean is to change the air filter.

Air filter is a device to remove minute solid particles, particularly dust, pollen and bacteria from the air. (wikipedia.com)

#9. AF For Adoptive Father

When you hear someone tells you to meet her or his AF, what s/he really means is to meet his/her adoptive father.

The term AF for adoptive father, although used very rarely, is generally find in documents to be filled out when you enlist in a government office or military forces.

A Quick Recap

Knowing common meanings of an acronym can come in handy sometimes. It will save you the embarrassment or it makes you communicate better with your friend or some people.

Do you know of any meaning for AF? Leave a comment below. And do you find this article interesting? Then share it to your friends who love to use acronyms.

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