What Does Morning Sickness Feel Like? All You Need To Know

What is morning sickness and what does it feel like? Many, if not all, pregnant women of all races who had been pregnant before, had experienced this kind of awful sickness, especially during the first trimester of their pregnancy.

If you’ve been pregnant before and have not experienced such “illness”, then good for you and congratulations.

But to the ladies out there who are planning to get pregnant, this article will be helpful to know and avoid stubborn morning sickness.

Here, we have gathered and researched some facts about morning sickness and we’ll try to help you avoid this sickness so that you can have an enjoyable pregnancy.

What Is Morning Sickness?


Morning sickness is that sickening feel (pun intended) that most pregnant women experience especially during their first trimester of pregnancy. However, morning sickness does not necessarily means feeling sick during the morning.

In fact, there are more pregnant women who experience morning sickness the whole day through than just feeling sick during the morning.

Actually, the medical term for this feeling is nausea and vomiting of pregnancy.

According to medicalnewstoday.com, around 80% pregnant women experience morning sickness.

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What Causes Morning Sickness?


The medicalnewstoday.com also emphasized that there is no definite cause of morning sickness. However, most doctors believe that hormonal changes may have a role for this.

Other source, the msdmanuals.com, points to metabolic, endocrine, gastrointestinal, and psychological factors as the other elements contributing to such feeling.

Elements that contributed to morning sickness perceived by doctors and experts include:

  • The shooting up of estrogen and other hormones in pregnant women.
  • The severe and abrupt changes in the pregnant women’s blood pressure.
  • The sudden adjustment of carbohydrate metabolism
  • The overall changes in pregnant women, physically, emotionally, chemically.

What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Morning Sickness?


Morning sickness is very easy to detect especially those women who are suspecting that they are pregnant. However, take note that not all pregnant women experience morning sickness. So if you notice you are not feeling the symptoms below, don’t worry, your pregnancy is still normal. In fact, you should even be happier because morning sickness is very awful to feel.

Yet it is still worth a visit to a doctor when you experience these signs and symptoms to make sure that what you are experiencing is part of morning sickness and not some lingering and yet to be detected illnesses.

  • Severe feeling of nausea
  • Frequent vomiting
  • The frequent feeling of wanting to urinate. Yet only a small amount of and darker urine is produced
  • In most cases, pregnant women cannot hold their pee
  • The feeling of dizziness especially when standing
  • In some cases, fainting occurs especially when standing
  • The sudden sensitiveness to some odors and in some cases, even sounds
  • In most cases, the sudden feeling of heartbeat race and pulse beat is stronger
  • Some feel the loss of appetite while others feel the opposite
  • Some also feel the urge to eat the food they desire to eat ASAP, or what commonly called as cravings
  • In some cases, pregnant women feel the sudden anxiety and depression
  • In petty instances, the feeling of stomach upset, especially when drinking cola or any acidic beverages
  • The irritability feeling to about anything or anyone
  • Some feel the same feeling during menstruation, like stomach cramps and leg cramps

There are other feelings and symptoms that pregnant women feel during their first trimester of pregnancy that are not yet recorded by experts or doctors. And it’s good to note that what you are feeling when you’re in your first trimester of pregnancy is part of morning sickness.

But, as what I’ve said earlier, better to check it out with a doctor or midwife to ascertain that what you feel is normal and still under the scope of pregnancy.

How To Alleviate And Manage Morning Sickness?


As there is no known cause of morning sickness, there is also no known cure to morning sickness. However, there are ways to at least minimize the symptoms so that you can still do your work with ease and comfort.

  • Never take medicines even paracetamol, unless it’s prescribed by your doctor
  • Drink more than 10 glasses of water a day but in long interval period and in smaller amounts
  • Eat regularly but with a smaller amount of food. Don’t overeat or it will boost the feeling of nausea and vomiting
  • Eat plain crackers before and after going to bed. It will ease up your stomach and suppress the nauseous feeling in morning sickness
  • Avoid cooking as your sense of smell is very sensitive during this period, it may trigger the feeling of nausea
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Try this primitive but proven way, drink citrus juices and smell citrus fruit. It will help ease the feeling of nausea

How do you find the articles? Remember, this article is just a guide and not an ultimate solution to your morning sickness. If you think this article helps, please give us some comments or share this to your pregnant friends.

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